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Comic Book A Day – Day 49 – Team 7 #0 (2012)


Seriously, count them. They add up to 7!

Team 7 was a Wildstorm Comics property which told the story of the 7th (actually 8th because there was a Team 0) incarnation of elite fighters going on covert missions to save the world.  At least that’s what Wikipedia basically said, I had never heard of Team 7 before.

Team 7

So not quite the same image as above, but there are still 7 of them!

DC Comics bought all of Wildstorm some years back and incorporated them into the mainstream DC universe with the New 52 launch.  Team 7 has now become a place to showcase DC’s (mostly) non-super powered badasses including Dinah Lance from Birds Of Prey, (who I don’t think has her Black Canary powers yet), Amanda Waller from Suicide Squad, Slade Wilson (Who doesn’t have his one-eyed powers yet), Steve Trevor who’s been hanging out in Justice League for the past year and Cole Cash (which is a dumb name and I’m not going to talk about him anymore).

This origin issue works pretty well as that.  A way to show us a bit of how Team 7 came together, a little bit of background on what each character was doing right before Team 7 and a little bit about what Team 7 is all about.

Is it the best origin issue I’ve ever read?  No.  But it is pretty solid.  Solid enough to have me add it to my pull list (which really sound like the porn sites you keep in your bookmark section) for at least a couple of months.

I’m also impressed by DC’s apparent plan to make Amanda Waller a total badass and basically the DC version of Nick Fury, except she’s already black!

I recommend picking up this book, or at least waiting outside your local comic shop and robing someone who picked the book up.

Team 7 gets 3 out of 6 possible Aarons.

Team 1,

Aaron Haber


Comic Book A Day – Day 48 – Suicide Squad #0 (2012)

Suicide Squad #0 review

Suicide Squad:  The very short tale of a group of people who kill themselves. The end.

The only issue I have with Suicide Squad #0 is that it basically featured no one presented on the cover except Amanda Waller.  False advertising…

But, that being said, this is a solid origin story, not of Amanda Waller or any of the other characters, but of the rationale behind having a Suicide Squad in the first place.

Amanda Waller

Oh snap! I can’t believe that lady splucked her!

Not only did it give us a little more background on Amanda Waller and how much of a bad ass she is, it also made me want to read more about her in upcoming Suicide Squad comics as well as the new Team 7 book.

For a solid origin story, which is the point of these 0 books, I’m giving Suicide Squad #0 4 out of 6 possible Aarons!


Aaron Haber



Tweets From Henchmen – Amanda Waller

 Forget Black Panther, I’ve got a Black Cougar right here and I’m in love!


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