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Super Swag – Awesome Avengers Collection of Comics


Thank you for my awesome birthday present!

Thursday is my birthday and if you’re extremely wealthy and one of the millions of people who love EvilNewsDaily.com (I’m rounding up to the nearest millions), please feel free to purchase this awesome Avengers comics collection and ship it to me (I’ll send you the address).

Special note to my wife, that even though this is an amazing collection, I enjoy being able to purchase food and living inside, so please don’t buy this.


But for you rich, EvilNewsDaily lover here’s the link on Ebay.


Super Swag – Coulson Lives!

Coulson Lives

If Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye (like 3 times) and Cap can come back from the dead, why not Coulson?!?

This is probably my favorite “Coulson Lives” T-shirt, based on the classes Avengers #4 which brought Captain America back from the dead and into the modern era, geeks and casual movie fans alike will appreciate your awesome taste in humorous T-shirts.


Super Swag – Agent Coulson Is My Homeboy

Coulson Is My Homeboy

He is risen.

Agent Coulson is awesome.  A dude with a cameo who was so likable that he ended up becoming a major character int he Marvel Cinematic Universe right up there with Captain America, Iron Man and The Hulk!

There are a ton of great Agent Coulson T-shirts on the market right now.  This is one of them and you should buy it!




Super Swag – Avengers Box Set (Birthday Hint)


What does Aaron want for his birthday? A glowing tesseract in a shield suitcase full of Marvel DVDs please.

Holy crapazoid!  Can this thing be as cool as it seems?  Not only does it have all the Marvel Studios movies since Iron Man (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers) but it also has a bonus disk of bonus stuff and some amazing packaging.  Sure it’s $140, but it’s not $280 right?  Nope!  It’s 50% of $280, so just imagine that it could be $280 and that you’re getting a really great deal and then everything will be just fine.



Tweets From Henchmen – Thanos

 The pay isn”t great, but he casino online does have a wicked Death benefit.




Super Swag – Avengers High Heels

Avengers High Heels

Feet Assemble!

Dr. Doom giving you a bunion?  Loki trying to eat your toes?  Well, right on the heels (yes I meant to make that joke) of yesterday’s Avengers Bracelets comes these Avengers High Heels from Etsy seller FaithisFabulous and they are sure to kick the crap out of any super villain who dares to mess wit yo feet!