Comic Book A Day – Day 56 – Avengers Vs. X-Men Consequences #1 (2012)

avengers vs x-men consequences #1


Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 is absolutely unreadable!  Seriously, I bought it digitally from Marvel.com and it never downloaded.

I believe 1 of 3 things is happening:

1. This book is so awesome that Marvel is afraid I might go insane after reading it.

2. The book is so awful that Marvel is trying to cover their tracks by pretending there is a technical glitch.

3. Marvel.com is having a technical glitch and trying to prove that”s it”s much easier online casino canada to simply go to your local comic shop and purchase a print copy.

I”m going to go with option 1.  This comic is so awesome that just like the Kabbalah in Judaism, if I read it before I”m ready I will go insane.

I can only imagine what awesomeness AVXC#1 has in store for me, but I best not if I want to keep my sanity intact!

Seriously Marvel this comic should have come with a waiver, instead it came with full on digital protection.

Thank you for not allowing me to download the comic I purchased for $3.99 and protecting my eye balls (2nd sexiest set of balls on me) from melting.

Sincerely Appreciative,

Aaron Haber



Comic Book A Day – Day 52 – New Avengers #30 (2012)

New Avengers 30 Review

Daredevil says “Arrgh my knees are glues to your backs!!!”

While not quite as awesome as Uncanny X-men #18 (reviewed here yesterday), New Avengers #30 is decent in its own right and follows the same general idea.  This comic happens right after Avengers Vs. X-Men # 11 and a main X-Men player is now in custody and riding in the back of an armored truck with Luke Cage and Daredevil (with The Thing and Mockingbird up front driving).

casino daredevil black” src=”http://www.evilnewsdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/newavengers30a-luke-cage-daredevil-black.jpeg” alt=”New Avengers 30″ width=”640″ height=”499″ /> What”s black and white and red all over?

While there is a bit of action in this comic, it really centers around a conversation between Daredevil and Luke Cage about his family life, which leads Cage to a drastic decision and he decides to become a woman.  OK, not really, but maybe that”s an Elseworlds story for another time.

While I like seeing action in comics, that sort of what movies are for.  What I really like seeing in comics is the interaction and dialogue between characters and this issue is chock full o” that.

I”m giving New Avengers #30 4 out of 6 possible Aarons.  If you”re into comics check it out, if you”re not why are you reading a comic book website?


Aaron Haber






Super Swag – Awesome Avengers Collection of Comics


Thank you for my awesome birthday present!

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Super Swag – Coulson Lives!

Coulson Lives

If Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye (like 3 times) and Cap can come back from the dead, why not Coulson?!?

This is probably my favorite “Coulson Lives” T-shirt, based on the classes Avengers #4 which brought Captain America back from the dead and into the modern era, geeks and casual movie fans alike will appreciate your awesome taste in humorous T-shirts.


Super Swag – Agent Coulson Is My Homeboy

Coulson Is My Homeboy

He is risen.

Agent Coulson is awesome.  A dude with a cameo who was so likable that he ended up becoming a major character int he Marvel Cinematic Universe right up there with Captain America, Iron Man and The Hulk!

There are a ton of great Agent Coulson T-shirts on the market right now.  This is one of them and you should buy it!




Super Swag – Sexy Avengers Mini-Skirt!

Avengers Mini Skirt

The Avengers…more powerful protection than a chastity belt!

The only thing I don’t like about this Avengers fabric mini-skirt is that modern society does not allow me to wear a mini-skirt and still keep my job.  But man, I’d love to see my wife in (and out) of this one!

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Super Swag – Marvel Bow Ties!

Marvel Bow Ties

Where’s the Hawkeye Bow and Arrow tie?

These Avengers bow ties being sold by Etsy seller TieGame are pretty darn slick.  Although I would have liked to have seen a Thanos/Death or a Joker/Jason Todd version myself.


Super Swag – Avengers Pillow!

Avengers Pillow

Must…Support…Lumbar Region!

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Super Swag – Avengers High Heels

Avengers High Heels

Feet Assemble!

Dr. Doom giving you a bunion?  Loki trying to eat your toes?  Well, right on the heels (yes I meant to make that joke) of yesterday’s Avengers Bracelets comes these Avengers High Heels from Etsy seller FaithisFabulous and they are sure to kick the crap out of any super villain who dares to mess wit yo feet!