Tweets From Henchmen – Catwoman

Gives totally new meaning to the term “cat online casino nip”.

Catwoman and Cat Woman

Cat Woman

Tweets From Hencmen – Ras Al Ghul

And I’m speaking from personal experience here.  If he asks if you’d like to see “The Demon’s Head”?  Say no.


Ras Al Ghul

Ras Al Ghul

Super Swag – Awesome Batman Movie Trilogy Iphone Case!

Batman Iphone Case

I’m Batman-Joker-Catwoman-Bane-Scarecrow

Check out this totally awesome Batman Trilogy iphone case!  Will it fit the new iphone5?  I don’t know Daddy Warbucks, if you’re so rich that you have one, why don’t you just invent some Batman Trilogy Iphone case stretching technology and get off my freaking back!


Super Swag – Batman iphone case

Batman iphone Case

Bat phone

While I don’t think Batman should be called for every minor emergency, it’s good to know that he’s around if you need him.  And what better way to reach the Batman than on his cell phone?  OK, maybe the Bat signal, but not everyone has one of those OK?  But almost everybody could have one of these…so…click here and get one.


Super Swag – Mike Mignola Batman Statue

Mike Mignola Batman Statue

I am Shoulderless Batman!

I loves me some Mike Mignola, I also loves me some DC Direct action figures/statues.  So guess what?  I loves me some Mike Mignola Black and White Batman Statue from DC Direct.

I found one of, you can buy it if you want, I live in Manhattan, where the hell am I going to put it?


Tweets From Henchmen – Babyface

 Missed his nap, threw a temper tantrum and killed three casino henchmen.


Baby Face

Aaron Haber writes this crap and you can see him at his NYC comedy club almost every night!


Super Swag – Batman Car Emblem

batman car emblem

Warning: Will not let driver drive through a solid rock waterfall!

The best way to turn your 1987 Yugo into a chick-mobile?  This here Batman Car Emblem!  Perhaps buy 350 of them and cover your entire car?  OK, great idea, but remember to leave yourself eye slots on the windshield.

I found online casino these suckers on, hurry there are probably only about one hundred thousand of these left!

Aaron Haber writes this crap and can be seen performing live stand-up comedy at his NYC Comedy Club


Tweets From Henchmen – Killer Moth

  Anytime he tells me to do something I don’t like, I light a match and he forgets what he was talking about.

Killer Moth

Killer Moth

Aaron Haber writes this crap and has a NYC Comedy Club, go to it!


Super Swag – Justice League Coasters!

Justice League Coasters

West Coaster Justice League

As you know, I’ve already got my super fab Avengers comics coasters, but this set of Justice League Coasters are cute and stylish and are sure to keep Starro, Amazo and all the other evil O’s away from your table top!

Head on over to and pick them up!


Aaron Haber writes this crap and you can see him perform his comedy live at his NY Comedy Club: The World Comedy Club

Super Swag – Character Cold Packs

Star Wars Ice Packs

Luke Warm, I am your father!

I may just have to punch myself in the eye to justify buying these sweet, sweet Batman, Yoda and Darth Vader cold packs from  Icing swollen body parts has never been this hot!