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A Comic Book A Day! Day 0 – The Origin! (reprint)

So check it out, I’m taking a week off for some R&R (and to get ready for the NYCC)  In the mean time I’ll be reposting some of my favorites from the past few months, I hope you enjoy and will see you next week!
My name is Aaron Haber.
Aaron Haber's Comic Book A Day

WTF are you looking at audience type person?!?

I am a comedian, a husband (“The Husband” at my wife’s blog), a father and for the last 30 years or so an avid comic book lover (which is why the pages are often stuck together).

Vincerum A Malo Verbis = Overcome by Evil Words.

I’m also the Editor-In-Chief of (AKA The Nefarious Mustache, don’t tell anyone).  I’ve assembled an awesome team of funny, interesting and weird geekazoids who will be writing about the things they love.

Sure comic books reign supreme, but we’ll also be talking about movies, video games, literature, science, cars and the list goes on and on till the break of dawn.  I hope you f-ing love this site and the writers on it as my as I do.  If not?  Fuck you.

comic book stache

My secret comic book stache!

You know, it might sound weird to the uninitiated, but right behind getting married and having a kid, the next biggest thing which actually made me feel like an adult was moving my entire comic book collection from my parent’s basement (thanks dudes!) to my apartment in the city.

I do read some indie comics, but I am an unadulterated lover of DC and Marvel, sometimes in that order and sometimes reversed.

I’ll also admit right up front that I am a sucker for big, universe spanning cross over events.  I’m loving Avengers Vs, X-men and Crisis of Infinite Earths is one of my favorite series.

Before Watchmen

At the end of the series, he loses his underpants!

You might not like the idea of Before Watchmen, but I think it’s awesome!

While I love creators and artists (my modern favorites are Mike Mignola, Robert Kirkman, Brian K. Vaugh, Bendis and newly Jeff Lemire and Scott Synder and old school Kane, Siegel and Shuster, Stan Lee, Kirby, Steve Gerber), I really love the characters!

Marvel and DC Comic's Finest

On a very special episode of Full House Superman meets Spider-man!

I want to find out what’s happening, has happened and will happen to the modern pantheon (which sometimes includes the ancient pantheon) of Gods, Monsters and Heros.

To satiate that curiosity, I’m going to break into my stache (I know it’s spelled wrong) each and every day (Days = Monday – Friday) and read and review 1 comic book.  That’s right, A Comic-Book-A-Day!

X-men number 1

I have like 200 of these!

First up on Monday: X-men #1 (1991)

I look forward to taking this awesome and sometimes not so awesome journey with you and always welcome your comments, love and even comic books suggestions!

Until Day 1, I remain…

Nerdy and proudy,

Aaron Haber

Editor-In-Chief at
Also Your Mother


Comic Book A Day – Day 6 – Ultimate Fantastic Four # 1 (2000)

Ultimate Fantastic Four 1 Review

The Fantastic Fou…crap Richards move your freaking face!

For today’s Comic Book A Day review, I’m going rogue and not reviewing a comic from my beloved comic book dresser (if you remove all the comics there’s a doorway to Narnia in the back).

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

Just make all new digital comics .99 already! Come on!!!!

No, I’m checking out The Ultimate Fantastic Four #1 from my Marvel Digital Subscription, son.


I really wanted to hate the Ultimate Universe.  So you’re going to restart all these amazing characters and update them for younger people?  Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me!  Well it was, but it was done masterfully!


Ultimate Spider-man #1

Ultimate Football-Head Man!!!

These stories are top notch and because these characters have nothing to do with the established Marvel universe which had like 60+ years of continuity to it, the writers had unlimited (or Ultimate!) creative control to remake and reintroduce these characters and their origins as they saw fit.

Ultimate Thing

That is the last time I eat Ultimate Taco Bell!

Ultimate Fantastic Four was the last of the major Marvel Ultimate Properties to be introduced.  And let me tell you what, it was pretty awesome!

Yes, these are basically the same Fantastic Four characters you know, but everything else is thrown out the window and re-imagined.

Also, they’re like 16 or 18 or 14 or 12.  I couldn’t really tell.  Sometimes they’re drawn like older teens and even people in their early 20’s and sometimes they’re drawn as if they pre-pubescent.  This continues throughout the entire series (which I devoured in about 3 days online).  Maybe it’s one of their super powers to continually go through and then revert back through puberty?

Ultimate Reed Richards

Even though he’s the smartest guy in the world, Reed Richards still thinks he needs a pen to use a computer.

Reed Richards is still super smart, but this Reed Richards is also super insecure because of a super-dick of a dad who doesn’t appreciate his son’s habit of turning his electronics into advanced robotics.

Ultimate Sue and Johnny Storm

Talk about Fire Balls!

There are 3 main Storms in this book.  Johnny is the hot head kid, Sue is the genius level biologist, but their Dad is also in the picture.  Dr. Storm is the head of The Baxter Building where genius level kids from around the world come to become even bigger geniuses (geni?).  That’s how Reed gets introduced to Sue and Johnny.  Ben Grimm goes to school with Reed and is always sticking up for the little nerd bucket.

All in all Ultimate Fantastic Four as an individual issue is pretty damn good, but the entire series and the mini-series which follow are pretty damn awesome!


I give Ultimate Fantastic Four #1 Five out of 6 Aarons (6 is reserved for comics which freaking blow my mind).  It’s a must read (if you know how to read, and if you don’t, don’t feel bad because you won’t ever read this review)

Aaron Haber Comic Book A dayAaron Haber Comic Book A dayAaron Haber Comic Book A dayAaron Haber Comic Book A dayAaron Haber Comic Book A day

Until The Thing becomes The Thong,

I am,

Aaron Haber

Comic Book A Day – Day 2 – All-Star Squadron #2 (1981)

All-star Squadron

Super ass jokes and soft anti-semitism make this one a MUST READ!

All-Star Squadron #2 is prominently displayed in my comic book case.  It”s one of my showcase comics, which means I put it in the front because I love the cover.

First off, it features Plastic Man, one of my all time favorite characters!

Superman kicks the crap out of Hitler

You know my Dad”s are Jewish right?

it also takes place on the old-school DC Earth-2, no, not the new one which turns Green Lanterns gay,  it”s the old one where really cool golden age characters fight Nazis!  It”s “Spear of Destiny” shit, yo.

I really enjoyed reading this comic.  It featured everyone from Plas to Robotman to Hawkman, Hourman, Liberty Belle, Shining Knight and Winged Victory and the original pre-gas mask Sandman.  Hell, it even has Eleanor Roosevelt (I”m pretty sure she was checking out Liberty Belle).

Dr. Fate

Open your mouth and say “Ankh”

It also featured cameos from The Justice Society including Dr. Fate, Jay Garrick, Straight Allan Scott, Star Man and the rest of the gang.

Basically, this issue wraps up the first story of the new All-Star Squadron.  It”s about a Nazi villain who travels back in time from 1947 all the way back to 1941 to hypnotize Japanese pilots to attack more spots in the U.S. besides Pearl Harbor (like that wasn”t enough?) to convince the U.S. to attack Japan first and leave Germany alone!  Sounds complicated?  It is! Seriously, leave your brain at the door.  But I”m a sucker for old stonsgame school Earth-2 stories and so I still found myself enjoying the crap out of this one.

Jewish Super Hero

With great power comes great tzuris

And then it gets weird!  Everyone is taking on Solomon Grundy and some henchmen.  Earth-2 speedster Johnny Quick wonders how Solomon Grundy got his name and thinks to himself “Funny…he doesn”t look Jewish!”…um…ah…huh?

So I”m a Jew.  Actually, I”m Jew-ish and I”m not really offended by Johnny Quick”s comment more than I am left just scratching my head.  I guess Solomon is a Jewish name (Is it?), maybe while punching Quick in the face Grundy”s zipper exploded and the All-Star Squadder got a close look at some super moyle”s handy work?  I don”t know…I”m just going to move on here…

Superman can sometimes be a jerk!

Well you asked!

Then Superman, who was laid out for basically the entire comic in a magic induced coma, wakes up just in time for The Atom to comment on how “snazzy” the name All-Star Squadron is, to which Superman replies and I quote “As long as you”re careful how you abbreviate it.”!!!

WTF???  Superman just made an ASS joke!  Good thing the A.S.S. didn”t choose “Fantastic Unbelievable Cool Kids” as their name, right Superman?  Right?!?

I give All-Star Squadron #2 an ASS kicking rating of    Aaron HaberAaron HaberAaron Haber three out of 6 Aarons!

I am,

Aaron Haber



Comic Book A Day – Day 1 – X-Men #1 (1991)

X-men #1 from 1991

I Magneto, Master Of Magnetism, am sucking all of the coinage out of your teenage comic book collecting bank account! Muhuhuhahah!

OK, so for my first ever Comic Book review (outside of shooting the shit with my geek friends), I’ve chosen X-men #1.

No, I don’t have a gazillion dollar copy of the original X-men from 1963, what I do have is over 100 copies of this 1991 “Holy crap you better collect the hell out of this otherwise you’ll die a pauper” doozie of a comic.

All the covers!

If you put all these collectable covers together they ruin the comic book industry.

These were a buck-fifty a pop and I think I bought like 112 of them.  Adjusted for inflation and my then 16 year old wallet, it equaled about 1million dollars.

See, this was supposed to be the biggest comic book event since Krona stuck his hand through a black hole and gave a reach around to the space-time continuum.


I eat comic books for breakfast! Seriously…I’ve done that.

Instead they are the comic books that I allow my 16 month old daughter to destroy as an offering to the Toddler gods to leave the rest of my actually beloved comic books alone.

What I found reading this comic an “I can’t freaking believe I’m this old” 21 years later is a cacophony of every X-men character who ever existed ever.  It was like trying to follow A Game Of Thrones novel there were so many characters, but unlike Game of Thrones, I actually didn’t enjoy the story all that much.

I was actually doing the same thing the entire time I was reading this comic!

So the comic starts with Magneto all like, “Leave me alone!” and these mutants are all like “We stole a space shuttle and killed a couple of flat scans to visit you in space” and Magnetos all like “Whatever, you can hang, but I’m not evil anymore.” and then 58 or so X-men are all like “Shit!  Magneto’s back and might be evil again so let’s overreact and punch him in the face, except you Colossus, you’re made of metal so stay home and play Neo-Geo” (or whatever we were playing in 1991).

Blah de blah blah and like 700 pages later, I was bored and found myself wishing I was still 16 and had some trig homework to finish.

My mutant ability is to make people with dust allergies sneeze.

Also, I don’t know if the Penciler (Jim Lee, who is now Co-Editor over at DC) is to blame for this or if someone else along the production line is, but each and every face in the comic has these weird pencil lines on them which I guess is supposed to give them definition, but it really just makes all the X-men look like Pig Pen from The Peanuts.

So basically, I’m stuck with 6 billion of these boring comics, but of course I won’t throw em out, because the 16 year old comic book collector in me knows that someday, somehow, these industry crushing, over-hyped craptacular comics will be a super collector’s item!

Comedian, Actor, Husband and Dad…this. is. Aaron Haber!

Stay thirsty my friends (or if you’d prefer to drink something you’d probably feel better),

Aaron Haber