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Tweets From Henchmen – Megatron

Everything is “Mega” with this guy!  Just spent 7 hours in Costco.  Do we really need 1200 rolls of toilet paper?!? #RobotsDreamOfElectricSheepButDoTheyEvenGoToTheBathroom?




Tweets From Henchmen – Skeletor

Keeps telling me I’m so sexy I’m giving his face a boner. #ChasesGuyInLoinClothShouldHaveKnown



Tweets From Henchmen – Gargamel

This dude is out of his mind!  He’s constantly tripping on shrooms. #SmurfThisImOuttaHere





Tweets From Henchmen – Bi-Beast

 Never before has a dude”s name so encapsulated his sexual preferences.  #WhenHeSaysHesGotMadBitchesHeMeansRabies



Tweets From Henchmen – Mole Man

 Just had to battle the 8-bit dude from Dig-Dug.  He exploded me.


Mole Man

Mole Man

Tweets From Henchmen – The Mandarin

 Keeps yelling “Peking Duck!” and throwing magic rings at me.  #NotFunny+racist

The Mandarin from Iron Man

The Mandarin is a comedy comic book website written by NYC Comedian Aaron Haber.  Each and every day, Aaron writes a “Tweets From Henchmen” based on a different super villain and also writes a comic book review Monday – Friday.  Check out the site every day for new funny bits and hey you can even subscribe over on the right!

Aaron Haber writes this crap and you can see him live at his NYC Comedy Club!

Tweets From Henchmen – Destro

 Finally got the mask off…it was Mitt Romney!

nbso title=”Destro” src=”” alt=”Destro” width=”371″ height=”304″ /> Me and Destro

Aaron Haber writes this crap and has a NYC comedy club, go see him live!


Tweets From Henchmen – Mumm-Ra

 I’m a trained assassin, but all he does is send me to the store for moisturizer.


Mumm-ra and the thundercats