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Super Swag – Classic DC Logo Cuff Links

Dc Comics Cuff Links

Fista-Cuff Links

So if you liked the Flash cuff links that I bought from Etsy yesterday, don’t fret, this dude has like hundreds of different ones from Marvel and D.C.!

I particularly like these classic D.C. logo cuff links, but you may like the ones with Batman or Spider-man or Butt-face Man (I made one of those up myself).  Whichever one you like (we all know it’s Butt-Face Man), head on over to Etsy.com and pick em up for yourself!

Aaron Haber wrote this crap…you can see him almost every night at his NYC Comedy Club, The World Comedy Club!


Super Swag – DC Comics T-shirt Issues

Funny DC Comics T-Shirt

Based on this T-shirt my new favorite superhero is Batgirl

OK, so I think this shirt is pretty funny.  I’m not sure if they got them all correct, but this clinical diagnosis T-shirt found currently on Ebay is my new favorite T-shirt.  I would buy it right now, but I have to run…I’m late for therapy!


Super Swag – You Will Have The Justice League…In Bed.

Justice League Blanket

Always the practical joker, Wonder Woman lets one rip on Aquaman.

Have monsters under your bed?  Get this DC comics official old-school Justice League blanket and let DC’s big boys (and girls) kick the crap out of them!

It’s on Ebay (if someone bought it, I’m sure there is another one, just search for it lazy pants) and features classic versions of the characters you love.

Who wouldn’t want  Bat-girl and Super-Girl and Wonder Woman sharing a bed with them?

New school Allan Scott, that’s who!

But for him, you’ve got all those dudes, so everyone’s happy!