Comic Book A Day – Day 32 – Superman 10 (2012)

Superman 10 Review

Superman learns to never ask a girl if it”s her time of the month.

I am a big Superman fan in the same way that I am Jewish.  I grew up surrounded by the culture and beliefs of both, but became disillusioned with the organized, modern versions of both as a young adult, while still proud of my heritage and clinging to the spirituality of the ideas true ideals.

Crying Superman

Superman pretending to cry to take a closer look at Wonder Woman”s

Even though Superman stories and movies had become a mockery of what they once were, I still held onto the The kind, strong, smart, caring Superman in my heart.

Superman 1

F U Daily Planet! I”m the NEW Superman!

When the New 52 was announced I was super stoked about seeing my favorite iconic character being re-imagined and was once again disappointed with the writing and basically everything about Superman 1 (I didn”t even finish the issue).


Superman 10 Review

But after a bunch of months and issues went by I decided to give Superman another chance and was pleasantly surprised.

Superman 10 tells the story of “Anguish” online casino a girl with daddy issues who rampages across Metropolis looking for a special locket.  This locket doesn”t contain magic or unlimited power, it simply contains a photo of her dead mother, the only one in existence.

The issue also clears up a storyline about the Daily Planet running a story about Superman”s secret identity (which they got wrong) and how that affects the wrongly accused family.

All in all I found the issue to be entertaining and while I”m still a bit skeptical about my next interaction with the Man of Steel living up to the ideals I”ve subscribed to in my mind, I”m willing to give it another go and catch up and get ready for Issue 0 out this month.

Who knows maybe I”ll peak my head into a Temple this week and see if lightning strikes twice.

I”m giving Superman #10 3 out of 6 possible Aarons.  I recommend it, but you won”t die and go to hell if you don”t.

Circumcised into a Superman crest,

Aaron Haber



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Tweets From Henchmen – Bullseye

At Super Villain pot luck dinner, asked Bullseye to pass the butter, will be in traction for 5 months. #dontaskbullseyetopassthebutterorelse



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