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Comic Book A Day – Day 37 – Action Comics #0 (2012)

Action Comics 0 Review

Outta my way I just ate a Burrito Supreme and can’t find a bathroom!

Continuing on with the theme of DC’s New 52 Zero month, Action Comics #0 (it is a number, right?) is one of those classic Superman stories that helps define the character overall.

When Superman first appeared in the 1930’s he wasn’t battling super villains each and every issue, he was taking on slum lords and bullies and wife beaters.  He might have been an alien, but he was truly a man of the people.

Morrison has really brought Superman back to his roots with his Action Comics New 52 run, and this story is another great example of it.

Superman leaps train in Action Comics 0

Able to leap fast trains in a single bound!

In fact , you’ll notice in the picture above that Superman is not flying over the train, he’s leaping over it.  Again back to his roots.

Morrison’s story “The Boy Who Stole Superman’s Cape” does a masterful job of giving us backstory on Clark Kent establishing himself in Metropolis as well as some of the abilities of his classic cape.  It also humanizes Superman showing us that he really wants to help normal people and not just punch giant space alien robots.

I’m more of a story guy, so I don’t tend to mention art and artists unless they’re extremely good or bad, but I have to mention Ben Oliver’s work as being absolutely fantastic!

For an amazing story and amazing art work, I’m giving Action Comics #0 (2012) 6 out of 6 possible Aarons!

Make Mine Morrison!

Aaron Haber


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Comic Book A Day – Day 9 – Dare # 1 (1991)

Dan Dare Issue 1, 1991

Dare…to have a bowling ball under your leg!

For today I went indie!  So indie that I couldn”t even really find the publishing company on the inside of the book!  Instead the publishers are listed as Gary Groth (of the Cape Cod Groths) and Kim Thompson (of the Cape Cod Groths).

Dan Dare Calling

There is NO WAY I am accepting a collect call from Venus!

Dan Dare is a British comic strip/radio character first appearing in 1950.  According to Wikipedia (which is where I get all my information on everything ever) he is sort of like a British Buck Rogers.  Buck Rogers as we know is sort of like an American Dan Dare.  So there you have it.

Dan Dare

Excuse me, Martian Manhunter”s weirdo cousin? Can you please stop watching me go to the bathroom?

OK, so this is #1 out of a 4 issue series and it”s written by Grant Morrison (who”s All-Star Superman #8 I reviewed yesterday suckas!) and look, I like Grant Morrison  most of the time (not the time when he wrote Final Crisis, that time I didn”t like him), but this issue was sort of kind of boring.

Dan Dare Commodore 64

giochi da casino gratis /LTT del 16 luglio 2013 – Avviso di annullamento di biglietti di lotteria istantanea oggetto di furto15-07-2013 – Lotterie istantanee telematiche Decreto Dirigenziale Prot. width=”400″ height=”314″ /> You”re here to watch me poop again, aren”t you. Sigh…FINE!

I know that first issues are usually the cock tease, introducing the story issues, but I have no investment in Dan Dare as a character so I didn”t really care that he was older and sad and his friends were older and dead or angry or whatever.

Dan Dare

I need a cane because I have an airplane stuck on my head!

The art on Dan Dare”s original comics were supposed to be very unique to that strip, and so if Alan Hughes (of the Cape Cod Groths) is going for that unique look, maybe he achieved it and kudos for him, but I think it looks weird and annoying and well I wasn”t into it.

Look, if you”re a Dan Dare enthusiast, I say go for it, if you”re not, I say don”t for it…and I”m not so I”m giving Dare 1 Aaron out of 6

I dare to be,

Aaron Haber




Comic Book A Day – Day 8 – All-Star Superman #8 (2007)

All Star Superman 8

Me am no understanding Bizarro speech or am I?

Ok, so today I rip myself away from Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited and delve back into my comic chest (my second favorite kind of chest) and took out All-Star Superman #8 and eff my life if it wasn’t a Bizzarro issue!


Me am so not annoying!

I love the idea of Bizarro, but hate, hate hate reading “Bizarro talk” and eff me again if this issue of All-Star Superman doesn’t have like a thousand different Bizarros all chatting it up on their home “Bizarro-World”!

Grant Morrison

Me am not Grant Morrison!

I really like Grant Morrison as a writer and story plotter.  I have to admit that half the time I have no idea what the hell he’s talking about, but issues like this remind me of why I like him so much!

The story is fun and in spite of all the annoying Bizarros talking is easy to understand: Superman must get off of Bizarro World or die!

Kyle XY

The story of a kid who…wait a second he’s got no belly button!

For me the best part of this issue (and honestly a lot of the comics I read) were the ads.  Here’s one for Kyle XY which is a show about a dude who has no belly button.  Perhaps he lost it gambling or maybe just left it in his other pants pocket.  No one knows, but this is (in my imagination) what they deal with the whole show:

Kyle: Hi, I have no belly button.

Other person: Wait!  You have no belly button?

Kyle: I lost it, probably.  So do you want to get some ice cream or something?

Other person: Eff off lunatic, I can’t be friends with someone who has no belly button.

Kyle: Sigh, such is my life…my life without a belly button!

Ballpark franks arm

Did you steal Kyle’s belly button?

Even better, just a few pages away is this dude (actually it’s the same basic idea, but it’s a kid in a baseball uniform) who has a hand with a ball park frank sticking out of his stomach!!!  I smell team up:

Kyle: Hi, I have no belly button

Stomach Arm Kid: I have an arm coming out of my stomach.  It’s painful and is always holding a hotdog, but never lets me eat it.  I’m really hungry.

Kyle: At least you have a belly button sort of.

Stomach Arm Kid: Not really, I have an arm with a hot dog where my belly button should be.  Maybe we are cousins.

Kyle: Probably.

Stomach Arm Kid: Let’s fight crime.

Aaron am not giving All-Star Superman #8 4 Aarons because I am not enjoying it and Kyle has a belly button!