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Super Swag – Justice League Coasters!

Justice League Coasters

West Coaster Justice League

As you know, I’ve already got my super fab Avengers comics coasters, but this set of Justice League Coasters are cute and stylish and are sure to keep Starro, Amazo and all the other evil O’s away from your table top!

Head on over to etsy.com and pick them up!


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Comic Book A Day – Day 3 – Justice League #1 (1987)

Justice League #1

Finally Super Moe from The 3 Stooges joins the Justice League!

While I enjoy reading solo tales (or Duck Tails…woo hoo), I REALLY enjoy reading team ups!

Sure, peanut butter is awesome, but unless you add jelly you’ll never get peanut butter jelly time (with a baseball bat!)

Don Rickles and Superman

Use your heat vision now, you hockey puck!

The same is true for comic book awesomeness.  Check out that picture up above…seriously, check it out…OK it’s not the classic Justice League of America lineup, but it had Shazam (AKA Captain Marvel), Batman, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary (I wonder if White Canary is a black chick?), Blue Beetle and more!

Keith Giffen

Self Portrait of Keith Giffen

Writer Keith Giffen does an outstanding job of introducing all the main players in this book and showing how they and their personalities either fit or don’t fit in with a superhero team concept.  Seriously, this team’s Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) is a total jerk and by page 9 instigates an all out brawl amongst the new League members which is only stopped (immediately) when Batman enters the room.

Batman is a dick

You know what Batman? Sometimes you can be a real dick!

OK, one weird thing here.  Near the end of the book there’s this big hostage crisis thingy and Batman’s ultimate plan is just to humiliate the hostage taker and then simply walk out of the room….well the dude was so humiliated that he freaking killed himself!!!  I have a feeling that this plot point is explained somewhere down the line, but man oh man, does Batman come off looking like a total dick.

Justice League Cabinet

Tense moments as the Justice League watches a live attack on Osama Bin Starro.


This was a fun read and I totally recommend it, yo.  I give it

Aaron HaberAaron HaberAaron HaberAaron Haber out of 6 Aarons!


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