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Justice League Coasters

West Coaster Justice League

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Comic Book A Day – Day 20 – Stormwatch #12 (2012)

Stormwatch 12 Review

Stop Martian Manhandling me!

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and often times it”s also a key component to the success of the imitator.  Take for instance Fawcett Comic”s Captain Marvel, a plain as day knock off of super successful Superman, but dare I say it, a better, more fun version which actually sold more issues per month than the DC comics original back in the day.

Midnighter and Apollo

Scuse me while I kiss this guy!

Wildstorm”s The Authority (which was born out of the original Stormwatch series) including the characters Apollo and Midnighter who were not only meant to be Superman and Apollo, they were also gay lovers!!!  And guess what?  It was awesome and just as interesting, if not more so than the dynamic between Batman and Superman.

Warren Ellis Middle Finger

Warren Ellis: #1 Comic Book Creator!

Warren Ellis created an awesome array of new characters and mythology (like the century babies who lived for 100 years and whose power sets mimicked the main power source or concept for that century).

The Authority

Respect my Authori-tay!

These characters were so awesome DC incorporated them and the entire Wildstorm Universe into their mainstream universe as they had done with so many characters before (Blue Beetle, Captain Marvel/Shazam/The Question/Plastic Man, the list goes on and on til the break of dawn.).


Stormwatch Martian Manhunter

Stop trying to muscle in on Midnighter”s action dude.

Which bring us to DC”s current Stormwatch series, which the most shocking part was the addition of The Martian Manhunter whose usual hang out was the Justice League (of which in old school continuity he was a founding member).

To me this was a brilliant way of bringing Stormwatch and the awesome characters in it into the mainstream minds and hearts of DC”s veteran readers and has been an interesting read.

Martian Manhunter and Jenny

Just think of my as a green-skinned, can turn invisible and intangible and can mind wipe you father figure.

Well issue #12 turns everything on it”s ear again as (spoiler alert) The Martian Manhunter systematically mind wiped the entire Stormwatch crew into forgetting he was ever a part of their team.  He even convinces The Engineer and The Shadow Lords to assist him!  Manhunter has some reason for these sneaky Pete mind wipe actions and I for one am going to continue reading Stormwatch and any other book he”s in to find out what that reason is!

I find Stormwatch to be a consistently well written book and characters like Apollo, Midnighter, Jack Hawksmoore and The Engineer will keep me coming back month after month.

Stormwatch #12 (2012) get 4 out of 6 Aarons for being a good read with the promise of a cool, possible universe changing storyline to come!

You will forget you ever read this,

Aaron Haber