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Super Swag – Awesome Avengers Collection of Comics


Thank you for my awesome birthday present!

Thursday is my birthday and if you’re extremely wealthy and one of the millions of people who love (I’m rounding up to the nearest millions), please feel free to purchase this awesome Avengers comics collection and ship it to me (I’ll send you the address).

Special note to my wife, that even though this is an amazing collection, I enjoy being able to purchase food and living inside, so please don’t buy this.


But for you rich, EvilNewsDaily lover here’s the link on Ebay.


Super Swag

Marvel Hand Painted Shoes

Toes Assemble!

Check out these nifty hand painted (because painting with your ears is so much harder) Marvel comics sneakers available on Ebay!  They look pretty awesome to me and apparently come in all sizes.  Let’s test that offer and order some shoes for Galactus!  Hey now!


Tweets From Henchmen – All Hail Hyrda!

Tweets From Henchmen - HydraI drive all the way out  to a cornfield in the middle of freakin nowhere and the secret base is already blown up.  Gas is like $4 a gallon, guys!  A text would have been nice…WTF?!?    #littlehelpplease


All Hail Hyrda

Green and yellow power!!!