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Super Swag – Superhero Party Invites!

Superhero Party Invites

Hopefully your kid’s name is Nicholas and was born on September 23rd, 2007.

OK, I want these for my birthday next year!  It’s like Ticketmaster joined forces with Time Warner and Disney to make Superhero Birthday ticket invited just for you!  Copyright permission?  Probably not.  Awesome factor of 1 million? Probably YES!!!

Go here.



Super Swag – Spider-Man Welding Helmut

Spider-man welding helmut

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Welds together 7 spider cans!

Are you a professional Welder type person?  No?  Well this Spider-man Welder”s Helmut is so cool that I”m going to ask you to reconsider your life choices and go back to school for welding.

Even if you don”t this awesome Spider-Man helmut could be just the conversation starting item online casino that will finally help you to…um…start conversations.

I found it on Ebay, if you click that link you can as well!

Aaron Haber writes this crap and has a NYC stand-up comedy club.  Plan a trip and go to it, or stay home and buy lots of tickets anyway!


Super Swag – Marvel Bow Ties!

Marvel Bow Ties

Where’s the Hawkeye Bow and Arrow tie?

These Avengers bow ties being sold by Etsy seller TieGame are pretty darn slick.  Although I would have liked to have seen a Thanos/Death or a Joker/Jason Todd version myself.


Super Swag – Fantastic Four Ceiling Fan Blades!

Fantastic Four ceiling fan blades

Fan-Tastic Four!

I don’t have a ceiling fan, but I’m thinking about just stapling these to my ceiling and pretending!  For $61 on Ebay these incredibly angry super heros can adorn your ceiling fan making it 12.5 times cooler!