Super Swag – Spider-Man Welding Helmut

Spider-man welding helmut

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Welds together 7 spider cans!

Are you a professional Welder type person?  No?  Well this Spider-man Welder”s Helmut is so cool that I”m going to ask you to reconsider your life choices and go back to school for welding.

Even if you don”t this awesome Spider-Man helmut could be just the conversation starting item online casino that will finally help you to…um…start conversations.

I found it on Ebay, if you click that link you can as well!

Aaron Haber writes this crap and has a NYC stand-up comedy club.  Plan a trip and go to it, or stay home and buy lots of tickets anyway!


Tweets From Henchmen – Venom

 I like working for Venom.  We have a symbiotic relationship.



Super Swag – Custom Knobs

Bed knobs and Boom Sticks!

OK, so for $97.50 (shipping included) I might just decide to learn how to paint myself, but you have to admit these custom painted super hero drawer knobs from Sweet Petites are pretty well…sweet.

They’re for sale on Etsy.com and you can be magically transported over to the site by clicking the photo.