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Super Swag – 1967 Marvel Plastic Action Figure Collection!

Marvel Plastic Action Figures

Plastic men!

Are you independently wealthy and have tons of money to burn?  Well my email is  Please contact me.


You could blow your wad (gross) on this vintage and rare set of 1967/72 plastic marvel figures!  Possibly the only ones in existence not to be pooped out of a cat’s ass!

Better hurry on over to ebay because if you don’t, you might miss this and then probably die or embarrassment.




Super Swag – Agent Coulson Knit Doll!

Agent Coulson Doll

Make Mine Macrame!

Agent Coulson week continue at with this awesome knit doll from Etsy seller Mightymola.  The bad news is it’s one of a kind and has already been sold, the good news is we have this photo for posterity.

Agent Coulson Lives!



Super Swag – Infant Super Blankey and Hat

Superman Blankey

Able to poop tall buildings in a single poop.

Sure according to the American Pediatrics Society you could potentially suffocate your baby if you let them sleep in this Superman infant blanket and hat combo, but look how cute it is!

Isn’t it worth the risk?

Also available in Bat Suffocation!



Super Swag – Mary Marvel Watch

Mary Marvel Watch

Punch the crap out of time with Mary Marvel!

Is this 1945 Fawcett Publications Mary Marvel watch awesome?  Has the ebay listing where I found it most likely expired by the time this blog post is published? Have I potentially bought said awesome Mary Marvel watch for myself before you even had the chance to bid on it?

Yes, Yes and Yes, but just in case no, click here.


Aaron Haber writes this crap and can be seen at his NYC comedy club almost every night!


Super Swag – The Shredder Hoodie

The Shredder

Just don’t wear this hoodie in Florida.

Tired of kicking the crap out of turtles in your normal hoodie?  Of course you are!  But don’t fret because now you can kick the crap out of turtles in this authentic-like Shredder hoodie!

I’ll buy a Bebop hoodie and we’ll go out and kick some turtle ass together!

Aaron Haber writes this crap and you can see him perform nightly at his NYC Comedy Club.


Super Swag – The Phantom Guitar Pick Holder

The Phantom

Enter The Phantom…from behind!!!

Did you lose your guitar picks AGAIN?!?  Well sure you did, you didn’t have this handy “The Phantom” guitar pick holder to hold your guitar picks.

Is this thingamajig really a guitar pick holder?  Probably not, but that’s what the Ebay seller describes it as and I believe everything I read.

Super Swag – Magneto Knit Hat!

Magneto Knit Cap

I can’t read her thoughts, it’s as if her head is all fuzzy!

How awesome is this Magneto Knit Cap?  Pretty freaking awesome!  I only worry that as you walk around town in your pretty freaking awesome Magneto Knit Cap that all the knit scarves and sweaters and stuff animals will attach themselves to your body through the sheer force of your newfound Magneto yarn powers and you’ll suffocate to death.  But it is a pretty freaking awesome cap, so I’d risk it.

Aaron Haber wrote this crap and he performs almost every night at his NYC comedy club!


Super Swag – Comic Book Wallpaper!

Marvel Comic Book Wallpaper

This comic book wallpaper is sure to hide all the bodies buried in your bedroom wall!

Well hot diggity dog!  If I had walls where I lived, I would most certainly plaster them with this incredibly cool Marvel Comics comic book cover wallpaper.  You can pick it up at or you can not casino pa natet pick it up and go back to just shutting your stupid mouth!


Aaron Haber writes this crap and is a NYC based comedian.  You can see Aaron at his NYC Comedy Club, The World Comedy Club!

Super Swag – Superman Snuggie!

Superman Snuggie

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a couch potato!

Finally!  Snuggies for the Super Hero lover!  I wish I could wear the Superman, Batman, Spider-man, heck even the Wonder Woman Snuggie at the same time without dying, but since I can’t I’ll choose Superman from




Super Swag – A Good Cause

Karl Kesel comic book collection

You can buy his comics or just donate to help him pay off his son’s medical costs. (which I read every day) has a really touching article about comic book writer and inker Karl Kesel (it’s also where I’m getting all the info for this Super Swag feature.

Karl is adopting a baby, which is already an expensive enough proposition, but this baby was born addicted to heroin.

A baby having to go through detox is tough enough, but the medical bills are a staggering $67,000!!! (I liked one of the i09 commenters who asked if they were feeding the baby crushed diamonds.).

So Karl, who helped to create the 1990’s Superboy and has written and inked tons of comics is selling off his comics collection to help pay the bills.

Click here for the article

Click here to buy his comics

Click here to donate