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Tweets From Henchmen – Bi-Beast

 Never before has a dude”s name so encapsulated his sexual preferences.  #WhenHeSaysHesGotMadBitchesHeMeansRabies



Tweets From Henchmen – The Stranger

Tweets From Henchmen

Driving around all day in a blue van full of puppies and candy.  Not digging this job.

stranger from marvel comics

The Stranger

Tweets From Henchmen – Bad Samaritan

 I”ve worked for Lex Luthor, Ras and even The Joker, but An example strategy is usually to focus this is not on the larger idea of “online casinos ” but to pay attention to a game title that individuals understand. this guy?  This Bad Samaritan takes the cake…he J-Walks AND litters AT THE SAME TIME!!!