Super Swag – Superhero Party Invites!

Superhero Party Invites

Hopefully your kid’s name is Nicholas and was born on September 23rd, 2007.

OK, I want these for my birthday next year!  It’s like Ticketmaster joined forces with Time Warner and Disney to make Superhero Birthday ticket invited just for you!  Copyright permission?  Probably not.  Awesome factor of 1 million? Probably YES!!!

Go here.



Tweets From Henchmen – Mole Man

 Just had to battle the 8-bit dude from Dig-Dug.  He exploded me.


Mole Man

Mole Man

Tweets From Henchmen – Mumm-Ra

 I’m a trained assassin, but all he does is send me to the store for moisturizer.


Mumm-ra and the thundercats


Super Swag – Iron Man Knit Gauntlets

Iron Man knit gloves

For the Iron Wo-Man

What do you get the woman who loves Iron Man who has everything?  You get her a weak heart and replace it with Stark technology!  Don’t want to potentially kill her?  Then how about these really cool knit Iron Man gauntlets from etsy?