Super Swag – Superhero Party Invites!

Superhero Party Invites

Hopefully your kid’s name is Nicholas and was born on September 23rd, 2007.

OK, I want these for my birthday next year!  It’s like Ticketmaster joined forces with Time Warner and Disney to make Superhero Birthday ticket invited just for you!  Copyright permission?  Probably not.  Awesome factor of 1 million? Probably YES!!!

Go here.



Super Swag – Justice League Coasters!

Justice League Coasters

West Coaster Justice League

As you know, I’ve already got my super fab Avengers comics coasters, but this set of Justice League Coasters are cute and stylish and are sure to keep Starro, Amazo and all the other evil O’s away from your table top!

Head on over to and pick them up!


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Comic Book A Day – Day 37 – Action Comics #0 (2012)

Action Comics 0 Review

Outta my way I just ate a Burrito Supreme and can’t find a bathroom!

Continuing on with the theme of DC’s New 52 Zero month, Action Comics #0 (it is a number, right?) is one of those classic Superman stories that helps define the character overall.

When Superman first appeared in the 1930’s he wasn’t battling super villains each and every issue, he was taking on slum lords and bullies and wife beaters.  He might have been an alien, but he was truly a man of the people.

Morrison has really brought Superman back to his roots with his Action Comics New 52 run, and this story is another great example of it.

Superman leaps train in Action Comics 0

Able to leap fast trains in a single bound!

In fact , you’ll notice in the picture above that Superman is not flying over the train, he’s leaping over it.  Again back to his roots.

Morrison’s story “The Boy Who Stole Superman’s Cape” does a masterful job of giving us backstory on Clark Kent establishing himself in Metropolis as well as some of the abilities of his classic cape.  It also humanizes Superman showing us that he really wants to help normal people and not just punch giant space alien robots.

I’m more of a story guy, so I don’t tend to mention art and artists unless they’re extremely good or bad, but I have to mention Ben Oliver’s work as being absolutely fantastic!

For an amazing story and amazing art work, I’m giving Action Comics #0 (2012) 6 out of 6 possible Aarons!

Make Mine Morrison!

Aaron Haber


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Super Swag – Superman/Dictionary Night Lite

Superman Night Light

Powered by Kryptonite!

This dude took a dictionary and a superman image and a box of metal and light and created this Superman/Dictionary nite lite which will most likely not burn down your house.  If you’re daring and love Superman and Dictionaries and nite lites, head on over to and pick this baby up!

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Super Swag – Superman Snuggie!

Superman Snuggie

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a couch potato!

Finally!  Snuggies for the Super Hero lover!  I wish I could wear the Superman, Batman, Spider-man, heck even the Wonder Woman Snuggie at the same time without dying, but since I can’t I’ll choose Superman from




Comic Book A Day – Day 32 – Superman 10 (2012)

Superman 10 Review

Superman learns to never ask a girl if it”s her time of the month.

I am a big Superman fan in the same way that I am Jewish.  I grew up surrounded by the culture and beliefs of both, but became disillusioned with the organized, modern versions of both as a young adult, while still proud of my heritage and clinging to the spirituality of the ideas true ideals.

Crying Superman

Superman pretending to cry to take a closer look at Wonder Woman”s

Even though Superman stories and movies had become a mockery of what they once were, I still held onto the The kind, strong, smart, caring Superman in my heart.

Superman 1

F U Daily Planet! I”m the NEW Superman!

When the New 52 was announced I was super stoked about seeing my favorite iconic character being re-imagined and was once again disappointed with the writing and basically everything about Superman 1 (I didn”t even finish the issue).


Superman 10 Review

But after a bunch of months and issues went by I decided to give Superman another chance and was pleasantly surprised.

Superman 10 tells the story of “Anguish” online casino a girl with daddy issues who rampages across Metropolis looking for a special locket.  This locket doesn”t contain magic or unlimited power, it simply contains a photo of her dead mother, the only one in existence.

The issue also clears up a storyline about the Daily Planet running a story about Superman”s secret identity (which they got wrong) and how that affects the wrongly accused family.

All in all I found the issue to be entertaining and while I”m still a bit skeptical about my next interaction with the Man of Steel living up to the ideals I”ve subscribed to in my mind, I”m willing to give it another go and catch up and get ready for Issue 0 out this month.

Who knows maybe I”ll peak my head into a Temple this week and see if lightning strikes twice.

I”m giving Superman #10 3 out of 6 possible Aarons.  I recommend it, but you won”t die and go to hell if you don”t.

Circumcised into a Superman crest,

Aaron Haber


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Super Swag – Superman Cake Pan!


This cake pan can withstand temperatures of 1 million degrees! Probably not, but it’s still pretty damn cool!

I have this cake pan!  My mom used to make Superman and Batman cakes for my birthdays and they were awesome!  And check it out, I found one on for $6!  Diabetes never tasted so super!


Super Swag – Vintage Superman Belt Buckle

Superman Vintage Belt

Ironcially the belt is made out of kryptonite and your waist will explode!

If this belt wasn’t $165 I would already have bought it and be wearing it around town.  How freaking awesome is this?!?  Maybe not $165 awesome, but still pretty awesome.

Here’s the description from

SUPERMAN BELT BUCKLE with leather belt.  Very early.  1940’s vintage.  square stamped steel buckle with 1″ diameter planchette on end of SUPERMAN busting chain around his chest.  I believe this was a premium from the SUPERMAN TIM CLUB.  Shows wear.  very good.”

So if you’ve got an extra $165 laying around and are tired of your pants falling down…go for it!


Super Swag – Superman Diaper Bag

Superman Diaper Bag

Superman battles his arch-nemesis: Baby Poop!

So two things:

1. This looks like the worst diaper bag ever!  As a dad who has experienced the evil that is baby poop, pee and puke first hand, I don’t see how this won’t end up being the smelliest, most poop stained piece of fabric ever.

2. If you just used it for a bag to carry lightweight stuff in, it’s pretty darn cool!

I’m not a marketing genius, but I would recommend this company to stop advertising this as a diaper bag and start advertising it as an awesome Superman bag for awesome people who want to be awesome!




Super Swag – Superman Cape Socks!

Superman Cape Socks

Toeing the line at $9.99!

EvilNewsDaily contributor Paul de Vries turned me on to these superman socks…that have freaking capes attached to them!

I don’t know where I’d wear them, but I’m pretty sure they’d look great with a kilt.

Head on over to before they all fly right off the shelves!