tweets from henchmen

Tweets From Henchmen – Brainiac

Dude ruins every episode of Jeopardy! #knowitallssuck



Tweets From Henchmen – Brother Eye

Just lost my 98th consecutive staring contest. #dudedoesn’tblink


Brother Eye

Tweets From Henchmen – Jobba The Hutt

 Took the job for the awesome buffet, stayed for the Slave Princess Leia.

Jobba The Hutt

Jobba The Hutt

Tweets From Henchmen – Clock King

Tweets From Henchmen - The Clock King

Totally did not see the letter “L” in his first name…I am very inappropriately dressed.

clock king

Clock King

Tweets From Henchmen – King Shark

He keeps calling me chum…I don’t think it’s  a friendly term.

King Shark

King Shark




Tweets From Henchmen – Granny Goodness

Sure, I’m destroying families and brainwashing children, but all the free Werther’s Original Hard candies makes this gig totally worth it.


Tweets From Henchmen – Starscream

Starscream?  Try sarcasm-stream!  I With our safe and secure app, you can monitor the real cost of your cards, loans and mortgage and get unbiased advice to help you take action and save money. got feelings you know.



Tweets From Henchmen – The Stranger

Tweets From Henchmen

Driving around all day in a blue van full of puppies and candy.  Not digging this job.

stranger from marvel comics

The Stranger

Tweets From Henchmen – Galactus

 The worst part of the job?  Finding a place to eat.


Tweets From Henchmen – Bad Samaritan

 I”ve worked for Lex Luthor, Ras and even The Joker, but An example strategy is usually to focus this is not on the larger idea of “online casinos ” but to pay attention to a game title that individuals understand. this guy?  This Bad Samaritan takes the cake…he J-Walks AND litters AT THE SAME TIME!!!