tweets from henchmen

Tweets From Henchmen – M.O.D.O.K.


Talk about giant jerks, this guy’s ego is so inflated his head can’t even fit through the door!



Tweet From Henchmen – The Holiday Killer

Zod You”d think a guy who calls himself “The Holiday Killer” wouldn”t forget online casino his #1 henchman”s birthday…again! #eatingbirthdaycakealone


Alberto Falcone the Holiday Killer

Tweets From Henchmen – Kneel Before Zod


How many times do I have to “kneel before Zod” until I get a promotion?!?  My jaw hurts!Kneel before Zod

Tweets From Henchmen – Red Skull

Tweets From Henchmen Starting to feel like working for the Red Skull contradicts my strong Jewish religious beliefs…

Red Skull

Tweets from Henchmen – Sandman

Tweets From HenchmenThey should call this guy “Sand-In-My-Crack-Man”!  It’s going to take the longest shower in the world to make me feel clean again.


Tweets From Henchmen – The Other Boomerang

Tweets From Henchmen Wait!  You’re not even the dude who fights the Flash?!?  Crap!



Tweets From Henchmen

Tweets From Henchmen

I hate working for Count Vertigo!  I’m so dizzy I can’t tell whether I just threw up or down.

Count Vertigo

Did he just raise or lower my pay?!?

Tweets From Henchmen

Tweets From Henchmen

I hate working for Larfleeze!  He never listens to me, it’s like I don’t even exist!


Mine! Craft!

Tweets From Henchmen

Tweets From Henchmen  I was with Iron Man when we took down Captain America and now you’re telling me I don’t qualify for health insurance? F U Osborne!

Hammer Agent

You. Suck!!!


Tweets From Henchmen

Tweets from henchmen

Ever have a random dream where you were Alice and you’re part of an insane tea party?  I have.  It’s not a dream.  The dress sucks.

Tweets From Henchmen - Mad Hatter

You don’t want to know where the rabbit hole is!