Comic Book A Day – Day 56 – Avengers Vs. X-Men Consequences #1 (2012)

avengers vs x-men consequences #1


Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 is absolutely unreadable!  Seriously, I bought it digitally from Marvel.com and it never downloaded.

I believe 1 of 3 things is happening:

1. This book is so awesome that Marvel is afraid I might go insane after reading it.

2. The book is so awful that Marvel is trying to cover their tracks by pretending there is a technical glitch.

3. Marvel.com is having a technical glitch and trying to prove that”s it”s much easier online casino canada to simply go to your local comic shop and purchase a print copy.

I”m going to go with option 1.  This comic is so awesome that just like the Kabbalah in Judaism, if I read it before I”m ready I will go insane.

I can only imagine what awesomeness AVXC#1 has in store for me, but I best not if I want to keep my sanity intact!

Seriously Marvel this comic should have come with a waiver, instead it came with full on digital protection.

Thank you for not allowing me to download the comic I purchased for $3.99 and protecting my eye balls (2nd sexiest set of balls on me) from melting.

Sincerely Appreciative,

Aaron Haber



Comic Book A Day – Day 52 – New Avengers #30 (2012)

New Avengers 30 Review

Daredevil says “Arrgh my knees are glues to your backs!!!”

While not quite as awesome as Uncanny X-men #18 (reviewed here yesterday), New Avengers #30 is decent in its own right and follows the same general idea.  This comic happens right after Avengers Vs. X-Men # 11 and a main X-Men player is now in custody and riding in the back of an armored truck with Luke Cage and Daredevil (with The Thing and Mockingbird up front driving).

casino daredevil black” src=”http://www.evilnewsdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/newavengers30a-luke-cage-daredevil-black.jpeg” alt=”New Avengers 30″ width=”640″ height=”499″ /> What”s black and white and red all over?

While there is a bit of action in this comic, it really centers around a conversation between Daredevil and Luke Cage about his family life, which leads Cage to a drastic decision and he decides to become a woman.  OK, not really, but maybe that”s an Elseworlds story for another time.

While I like seeing action in comics, that sort of what movies are for.  What I really like seeing in comics is the interaction and dialogue between characters and this issue is chock full o” that.

I”m giving New Avengers #30 4 out of 6 possible Aarons.  If you”re into comics check it out, if you”re not why are you reading a comic book website?


Aaron Haber






Comic Book A Day – Day 51 – Uncanny X-Men #18 (2012)

Uncanny X-Men 18 review

Come on baby light my fire…

People always complain about big event comics where you need to read 100 normal titles to get the full story.  A lot of times they’re right and the “tie-in” is an abuse of our trust.

Not so with Uncanny X-Men #18.  It’s an excellent behind the scenes look at the last two surviving members of the Phoenix Five and how all that power is affecting their thoughts.

This comic takes place literally at the same time as Avengers Vs. X-Men #11.  Cyclops and Emma Frost are so powerful they can literally be in two places at one time.

Here they have a romantic dinner while they’re being attacked by basically every character in the Marvel U.

Colossus and Majik

No more indian burns!!!

There are also some great interactions between Cyclops and Magneto and especially between Colossus and his sister Majik, who proves herself to be quite insane and manipulative.

If you’re not following along with AvsX, you might not get this one, but if you are it’s a must read.  Not because you have to in order to understand the larger story, but because it’s an excellently written book.


Uncanny X-men 18 (2012) get 5 out of 6 possible Aarons


Aaron Haber




Super Swag – Stained Glass (sort of) X-men Print!

X-men stained glass print

Thanks Beast! Now, I’ll never get this stain out.

Want the Beast to stain your apartment?  No, not like that, like this!  It’s a print/poster that looks just like a stained glass window featuring the original X-men from Etsy seller FayProductions and I have to say it looks pretty awesome.

While FayProductions says that you can stick this right over your window to simulate a real stained glass window, I believe you would be simulating a blacked out window that no longer functioned as a window.  Best to stick to having this awesome poster be what it is…an awesome poster to stick on your awesome wall (what? You don’t have an awesome wall filled with awesome stuff?  Best get moving son!


Comic Book A Day – Day 1 – X-Men #1 (1991)

X-men #1 from 1991

I Magneto, Master Of Magnetism, am sucking all of the coinage out of your teenage comic book collecting bank account! Muhuhuhahah!

OK, so for my first ever Comic Book review (outside of shooting the shit with my geek friends), I’ve chosen X-men #1.

No, I don’t have a gazillion dollar copy of the original X-men from 1963, what I do have is over 100 copies of this 1991 “Holy crap you better collect the hell out of this otherwise you’ll die a pauper” doozie of a comic.

All the covers!

If you put all these collectable covers together they ruin the comic book industry.

These were a buck-fifty a pop and I think I bought like 112 of them.  Adjusted for inflation and my then 16 year old wallet, it equaled about 1million dollars.

See, this was supposed to be the biggest comic book event since Krona stuck his hand through a black hole and gave a reach around to the space-time continuum.


I eat comic books for breakfast! Seriously…I’ve done that.

Instead they are the comic books that I allow my 16 month old daughter to destroy as an offering to the Toddler gods to leave the rest of my actually beloved comic books alone.

What I found reading this comic an “I can’t freaking believe I’m this old” 21 years later is a cacophony of every X-men character who ever existed ever.  It was like trying to follow A Game Of Thrones novel there were so many characters, but unlike Game of Thrones, I actually didn’t enjoy the story all that much.

I was actually doing the same thing the entire time I was reading this comic!

So the comic starts with Magneto all like, “Leave me alone!” and these mutants are all like “We stole a space shuttle and killed a couple of flat scans to visit you in space” and Magnetos all like “Whatever, you can hang, but I’m not evil anymore.” and then 58 or so X-men are all like “Shit!  Magneto’s back and might be evil again so let’s overreact and punch him in the face, except you Colossus, you’re made of metal so stay home and play Neo-Geo” (or whatever we were playing in 1991).

Blah de blah blah and like 700 pages later, I was bored and found myself wishing I was still 16 and had some trig homework to finish.

My mutant ability is to make people with dust allergies sneeze.

Also, I don’t know if the Penciler (Jim Lee, who is now Co-Editor over at DC) is to blame for this or if someone else along the production line is, but each and every face in the comic has these weird pencil lines on them which I guess is supposed to give them definition, but it really just makes all the X-men look like Pig Pen from The Peanuts.

So basically, I’m stuck with 6 billion of these boring comics, but of course I won’t throw em out, because the 16 year old comic book collector in me knows that someday, somehow, these industry crushing, over-hyped craptacular comics will be a super collector’s item!

Comedian, Actor, Husband and Dad…this. is. Aaron Haber!

Stay thirsty my friends (or if you’d prefer to drink something you’d probably feel better),

Aaron Haber